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ZenBiz Club is your go-to destination for achieving success and balance in your life and business without constant hustle. Led by Lilian Santini, a dedicated consultant and coach, ZenBiz Club offers personalized coaching for teams and individuals, along with a range of valuable resources designed to help you thrive. With a focus on mindful practices and effective strategies, Lilian empowers you to reach your goals while maintaining a sense of calm and well-being. Whether you’re looking for one-on-one coaching, team workshops, or practical tools to enhance your professional journey, ZenBiz Club is here to support your success.

Why Choose
ZenBiz Club?

Clarity and Focus

Together, we'll define clear goals and actionable steps for your success. By eliminating distractions and fostering productivity, you'll find the focus you need to move forward confidently.

Mindful Success

Incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine can reduce stress and help you make clear, intentional decisions. I'll guide you in being present and finding peace amidst the hustle of entrepreneurship.

Empowerment and Growth

Together, we'll build your confidence and embrace your full potential. My coaching is designed to empower you with the skills and mindset needed for sustainable business growth.

ZenBiz Coaching Program

Access personalized strategies customized for your unique journey. In our sessions, we’ll develop strategies that elevate your business while nurturing your personal well-being. This exclusive 3-month program is thoughtfully designed to help you integrate mindfulness, boost your confidence, and develop sustainable strategies that align perfectly with your personal values and business goals.

Intensive Strategy Sessions

The Intensive Strategy Sessions are a focused, two-hour deep dive. Gain immediate, actionable insights to propel your business forward. During these sessions, we’ll work together to discover new growth opportunities and address any obstacles that are holding you back, setting the stage for enhanced business performance and success.

Instant Access Guides

ZenBiz Balance Blueprint

The ZenBiz Balance Blueprint includes practical tools and strategies for reassessing and realigning with a balanced life. Master the art of balancing self-care and productivity seamlessly, achieving your goals with ease and grace.

The Mindful Rich Guide

 The Mindful Rich Guide shows you how to work with purpose. From setting intentions to creating a mission statement, this guide helps you align your business with your deepest values and build a thriving, soulful enterprise.

Reclaiming Balance

In Reclaiming Balance I share my journey from burnout to a fulfilling life, offering insights on setting boundaries, practicing self-care, and finding joy in your work. Create a sustainable, joyful entrepreneurial path.

Client Success Stories

If you’re feeling stuck in your business, or encountering blocks that are stopping you from creating from your heart and soul, you need to speak to Lilian. She’s amazing! I feel like a ton of bricks have been lifted off my shoulders.

– Daci I.

Lilian is such a phenomenal coach. She has confidence, knowledge and most importantly, she is able to understand my needs. So grateful!

– Valerie B.

Lilian has been such a significant person in my journey this year so far and l am so grateful. I can’t wait for others to experience this as well!

– Kelsey H.

About me

I’m Lilian Santini, your partner in achieving a balanced, successful entrepreneurial life. My own experience with the pressures of constant hustle led me to discover the importance of balance and mindfulness. Today, I help entrepreneurs like you create successful businesses that don’t compromise their well-being. My approach blends practical strategies with mindful practices, ensuring you achieve your goals with ease and joy.

Ready to Transform Your Business?

If you’re ready to start your journey towards a balanced, fulfilling entrepreneurial life and are wondering if we’re a good fit, let’s connect. I look forward to help you create a business that supports your dreams and enriches your life.


ZenBiz Club is your go-to resource for blending mindfulness with business acumen. I offer tools, strategies, and support to help you thrive both personally and professionally by integrating mindfulness into your business practices.

Hey, I’m Lilian Santini. I started off in corporate America, sprinted through the ranks, and eventually followed my heart to Miami to launch my own ventures. Personal challenges and work burnout pushed me towards mindfulness and I’ve transformed those struggles into strategies for living well. I share this journey to help you balance your drive for success with your well-being.

 In a single coaching session, we’ll dive deep into your current challenges and goals. Expect a strategic discussion where we identify key areas for improvement and develop actionable steps to integrate mindfulness into your business practices. You’ll leave with clear strategies to enhance your productivity, reduce stress, and align your work with your personal values.

At ZenBiz Club, I provide mindfulness-based coaching, digital products, workshops, and resources to help you balance your business strategies with personal well-being. Whether you’re looking for one-on-one coaching or transformative digital guides, I’ve got you covered.

 Stay connected by following me on Instagram and LinkedIn, and subscribe to the ZenBiz Club newsletter for regular updates, tips, and inspiration. Join me on this journey to blend mindfulness with business success.

I offer a range of digital products, including the ZenBiz Blueprint and the Mindful Rich Guide. These products are designed to help you implement mindfulness in your daily business practices, leading to improved focus, reduced stress, and a more balanced, fulfilling professional life.

If you’re ready to explore how mindfulness can transform your business, book a 15-minute discovery call with me through the link on the ZenBiz Club website. Let’s chat and see how we can work together to achieve your goals.

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